Smart Net aims to help organizations, schools, government and companies by providing solutions that will make use of Information Communication Technology to enhance the efficiency in carrying out day to day business. Smart Net also aims to get clients up and running as soon as possible with minimal downtime and business disruption.

Website and E-mail Hosting

Affordable Website and Email hosting for your business, home, church,school etc. From E1600 per year (including domain registration)
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Web Design and Development

We design and develop all types of websites from basic information websites to advanced database, e-commerce and content management systems (CMS).
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Computer Support and Repairs

We offer an efficient on site and workshop repair service for most makes of equipment. Services range from one off repairs to yearly maintenance contracts.
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Latest Tech News from around the world

Frore secures $100M, collabs with Intel to create a new way to cool processors
Posted on Thursday December 01, 2022

One of the top problems facing device manufacturers today is overheating hardware. The chips inside PCs generate heat, which — when allowed to build up — majorly hurts performance. Cooling is less of a challenge when space isn’t at a premium. But as the marketplace pushes for ever-thinner notebooks and so-called ultraportables, manufacturers are being […]

Frore secures $100M, collabs with Intel to create a new way to cool processors by Kyle Wiggers originally published on TechCrunch

This is why you can’t ride hail an autonomous taxi in Europe… yet
Posted on Wednesday November 30, 2022

If you read a lot of tech news, you’d think we’re merely months away from being able to hail a robotaxi in Europe. Unfortunately, this will be wrong: because those articles are most likely talking about projects in North America, and the EU’s approach to autonomous ridesharing and ride-hailing is vastly different to the US. So, we had a simple question: when will we be able to catch a robotaxi in Europe? And why can’t we yet? Currently, there are robotaxis (and a small number of roboshuttles) operating in the US, but only roboshuttles in Europe — terms we’ll define…

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Prepare for the ESPN Summer of Sport
Posted on Tuesday November 29, 2022

Prepare for the ESPN Summer of Sport

We sports fans have a lot to look forward to this Summer - ESPN Africa has a full schedule filled with exciting live broadcasts.

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